22 November 2013

It’s been two days since the inauguration event and yet as Africans I don’t think the euphoria of this magic event and special evening will leave us for some time.

By now I am sure you would have read the Presidential call to action (click here) and realised that Prof Klopper is not planning on putting on the breaks for the next two years.

Her presidential call for action states, LEAD GLOBALLY – leading through example through selfless service to the profession and to the bigger picture, STTI. She calls for members to be involved in many ways. SERVE LOCALLY – Through connectedness – again being involved in something bigger. What is that old saying “Charity starts at home” well servitude starts at home, get involved with your Chapter and find that sense of belonging, by participating in events, programmes, and other collaborations it will carry through to the bigger unit being STTI. TRANSFORM REGIONALLY – Transformation takes baby steps, so get involved with your region and allow transformation and growth.

We look forward to receiving your comments on her call to action and how you plan to assist in LEADING GLOBALLY, SERVING LOCALLY and TRANSFORMING REGIONALLY.

In the meantime enjoy the photos of the lovely event hosted in Indianapolis.

Till next time keep AT THE PULSE of things.

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