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Hester Klopper is an international academic leader with extensive international networks in public health, policy development, nursing and health care. She has established a credible reputation in academic management, and served as DEAN: Faculty of Community and Health Sciences, University of the Western Cape, Cape Town from 01/01/2012. As of the 01/01/2013 she is the CEO of FUNDISA, a NPO established to improve nursing education and excellence in nursing scholarship.

As scholar her research programme focuses on workforce planning, creation of positive practice environments and how it relates to patient, staff and organizational outcomes; patient safety and quality health care; and health systems and health policy. Embedded in this focus is leadership development and capacity development of young scientists. As educator her teaching areas include Science philosophy, Constructivist theory as applied in education, Leadership development and organisational development, Strategic management, Qualitative research and   Global   Health Leadership.

Through service delivery and expertise, Hester has filled numerous leadership positions (appointed and elected) and has worked as a   consultant   for education and health care organizations on human resource development and research capacity development. Her professional offices include election as Director-at-Large of the International Board of Directors of Sigma Theta Tau International (2008-2011) (first person from Africa to be elected), Secretariat-Treasurer of the Tau Lambda-at-Large Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International (2005-2012), Member of the International Board of Directors of the International Network for Doctoral Education in Nursing (INDEN) (2009-2010), as well as Chairperson of the Forum of University Nursing Deans in South Africa (FUNDISA) (2007-2010); and re-elected for 2011-2012.  She is currently the President-Elect of Sigma Theta Tau International (first person from Africa to be elected) and will be inaugurated as president in November 2013.

This website is designed to enable you to learn more about Hester’s work in South Africa, Africa and internationally to promote scholarship and health care services. These pages provide information about her contributions to the fields of research, teaching and learning, service delivery and expertise, as well as projects and news and events.