Sigma Theta Tau


Sigma Theta Tau was founded in 1922 at the Indiana University Training School for Nurses.  The founders chose the name from the Greek words Storgé, Tharsos and Timé meaning “love,” “courage” and “honor.” The honor society became incorporated in 1985 as Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI). STTI has over 405 000 members in more than 92 countries world-wide and is the second largest nursing organization in the world.  STTI strives to provide leadership and scholarship in practice, education and research, so as to enhance the health of all people and to support the learning and professional development of members who strive to improve nursing care worldwide (

Hester Klopper was the first person from Africa to be elected as a member of the International Governance Committee of Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI) (2005-2007) at the 38th Biennial International Conference (Indianapolis, USA) and previously had a Presidential appointment to serve on the International Governance Committee of Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI) (2003-2005).  She is listed on the VIP database of Sigma Theta Tau International as an expert in leadership and management (2003 to date) and as an Ambassador for STTI. She again made history at the 39th Biennial Convention, 2-7 November 2007, being the first person from Africa, to be elected as the Director-at-Large of STTI (2007-2011).

Within this office she is involved in the following projects:

Research Scholarship Advisory Council

Hester Klopper serves as a member of the research scholarship advisory council.  The advisory council aims to: 1) Explore the development of an International Scholarship Institute to include a research mentoring program for international, interdisciplinary collaboration for emerging researchers interested in global health, 2) Create a document that posits basic assumptions for stages of development of global research, 3)Assess current scholarship and research resources and recommend additions, 4)Develop guidelines for a best practices portal (using a wiki approach or other open source model) that could be part of the VHINL. Include strategies regarding how STTI might best provide content oversight of the contributions to this portal, 5)Explore the development of alternative opportunities to support evidence-based practice projects, 6) Suggest strategies for implementation of priorities in consultation with the Global Health Priorities Task Force.

Nurse Faculty Mentored Leadership Development Program (NFMLD)

Hester Klopper is a member of the Nurse Faculty Mentored Leadership Development (NFMLD) Program expert advisory committee.  The expert advisory group reviews mentor/mentee applications and chooses applicants based on their institution’s faculty need, the mentee’s demonstrated commitment to his or her academic career, and the potential impact and sustainability of each proposed project. The advisory group also provides recommendations for faculty leadership competencies and supports the program’s faculty members.

Foundation Fundraising Committee

Hester Klopper is a member of the Foundation Fundraising Committee.  The Sigma Theta Tau International Foundation for Nursing supports the Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International, through active fundraising to further their mission to support the learning, knowledge and professional development of nurses around the world.

Africa Regional Honor Society Office Task Team

Hester Klopper is a member of the Africa Regional Honor Society Office Task Team, which is exploring the possibility of establishing a regional honor society office and distribution center in South Africa.

Maternal Child Health Leadership Academy – Africa (MCHLA)

Hester Klopper is a member of the Maternal-Child Health Leadership Academy (MCHLA), supported by Johnson & Johnson, which is exploring the adaption and implementation of the Academy model on the African continent to improve maternal-child health outcomes.